The Revival Hour

The Revival Hour

November 29, 2012  |  Featured, Music, Music Featured, new

The Revival Hour is the new project from multi-instrumentalist DM Stith and John-Mark Lapham of The Earlies.

Their debut L.P, Scorpio Little Devil, is out early next year but you can hear three tracks from said album below.

First track, Control, is a lovely little hushed number which carries this juxtaposed theme of the glimmering and the brilliant, manifested in bursts of guitar, synths and triangles, contrasting with a constant, droning, subdued bass. Half way through the track, the vocals take a jubilant turn which elevates the whole sound into a celestial, choral realm, very reminiscent of Sufjan Stevens circa Illionoise. Tres Jolie.

Hold Back is of more conventional fare but no less captivating. A homage to 60’s pop with a vocal performance that bears more than a passing resemblance to the late, great Jeff Buckley, this track manages to utilize some age old pop traditions whilst still sounding contemporary and innovative.

Pyre is another beast entirely, opening up with a filthy bass line and a slithering, snake-like riff which almost threatens to take us to Going Out West territory. The haunting vocals, which alternate between supernal harmonies and  warbling highs, manage to uphold the track, hoisting it up from the dirty depths of the Waitsian bass line. Again it employs a similar juxtaposition which was used in Control, a theme which I am sure we shall see more of in Scorpio Little Devil when it is released.

Anyways, listen below and tell us what you think.

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