Pond - Giant Tortoise

Pond – Giant Tortoise

February 4, 2013  |  Featured, Music, Music Featured, new

After the downright insane but much deserved praise lauded upon Tame Impala’s Lonerism, which was considered by many, including those of us at Bozozone, as the best album of 2012, I was somewhat concerned that there would be little time / motivation for Pond to put out any follow ups to their rather fantastic debut L.P. Beards, Wives, Denim.

I was, however, thankfully mistaken. Or at least partially mistaken. Whilst Jay Watson and Nick Allbrook (bass and drums for Tame Impala, respectively) have set out to release an E.P. titled Hobo Rocket and an L.P. dubbed It Feels Like Space Again later this year with Pond, Kevin Parker (Tame impala frontman and drummer for Pond) has relinquished his percussive duties and has been replaced by Cam Avery.

Fans of both bands might feel the desire to gasp in despair at this wretched news but fret not el dudarinos, for the proof is in the proverbial, and this treacle of a tune shows that even without Parker, Pond are set to produce some pretty badass psychedelic audio odysseys of their own throughout 2013.

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