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There’s a lot about this song that sets off alarm bells in the back of my neurocranium.

Firstly it features Kate Nash. Now I have nothing against the girl, I’m sure she’s a bonnie lass, I mean she went out with Ryan Jarman for years and that guy is fucking awesome. It’s simply that the lyrics “You said I must eat so many lemons, / ’cause I am so bitter. / I said “I’d rather be with your friends mate, / cause they are much fitter” have literally haunted me since 2007. As in actually manifested themselves into malevolent ethereal forms and harassed me for 5 years.

Secondly the title of the track is Awkward. But not just Awkward. Awkward with 4 W’s 3 A’s 3 R’s 3 D’s and a K. And I hate the word awkward. It makes me feel embarrassed for people who say awkward and thus I feel awkward myself and begin to self loathe and then some kind of perpetual awkward continuum begins to form and my whole perception of reality crumbles upon itself and I am left alone and cold like a cognitive foetus without a womb. An awkward cognitive foetus without a womb.

But fuck all of that because this song is rad. It begins with a lazy, slack rock sounding intro; a guitar barely keeping up with the bpm and the vocals bumbling along in a shy, reserved and (god damn it) awkward manner. It then kicks in to a glorious shout along, anthemic joy of a song.

And Kudos to Kate, she sounds pretty bad ass on this one.

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